State of Florida v. TB
Client was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence and possession of marijuana.  While first case is pending, client is rearrested for DUI.  While both cases are pending, we won a Motion to Suppress on the first arrest.  Assistant State Attorney dropped all charges.  Before second case proceeded to trial, DUI was amended to reckless driving.  Defendant received probation with no jail time.

State of Florida v. DH
Client arrested and charged with selling prescription medication in Nassau County, Florida.  Client was also in possession of prescription medication.  We first sought substance abuse help for the Client.  Following negotiations with the State Attorney, the Client was permitted to enter into a Diversion Program.  Upon completion, his charges were completely dropped.

State of Florida v. JP
Client was arrested allegedly driving over the Intracoastal Waterway at over 100 miles an hour.  Subsequently charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and DUI.  Client allegedly had slurred speech, difficulty standing and while being arrested, he allegedly “mule kicked” the officer.  Client proceeded to a Jury Trial on the DUI charge and was found not guilty. 

State of Florida v. GL
Client was arrested for speeding and careless driving in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  This was his second arrest for DUI within five years of his first arrest.  Officers arrived at the scene and requested GL to perform field sobriety exercises.  GL refused to perform the exercises, and also refused to give a breath sample.  Case proceeded to a jury trial.  The jury found the Client Not Guilty of DUI. 

State of Florida v. BL
Client was arrested and charged with DUI.  Officers who were present at the scene videotaped the investigation.  Client performed field sobriety exercises and gave a breath test more than double the legal limit.  Case proceeded to a jury trial.  The jury found the Client Not Guilty of DUI.

State of Florida v. RC
Client was arrested for arson for allegedly setting fire to his rental property.  Client was seen in property performing maintenance minutes before fire engulfed the home.  Client was questioned by officers and fire inspector and based upon his statements he was arrested.  We prepared a defense establishing no accelerant could be found to cause the fire and there was no intent to commit the crime of arson.  State declined to prosecute the client.

State of Florida v. JP
Client was arrested on St. Patrick’s Day for his second DUI within five years of his first.  Client admitted to several beers and was videotaped performing field sobriety exercises.  He subsequently refused to provide a breath sample.  Case proceeded to a jury trial.  The jury found the Client Not Guilty of DUI.

State of Florida v. DC

Client is a sworn law enforcement officer and was arrested for DUI.  Gave an administrative breath sample double the legal limit.  We were able to amend the charge to reckless driving, with no convition and save his law enforcement certificate and job.

State of Florida v. CP

Client was a member of the Florida Bar and arrested for DUI.  Entire arrest was on videotape.  We proceeded to a jury trial and the client was found Not Guilty.  No harm was done to her law license and she has successfully put this arrest behind her.

State of Florida v. MS

Client was a public offical and was brought before a grand jury for several alleged violations of the law.  After several months of investigation, and presentation of testimony, the Grand Jury came back with no indictment and the individual was able to keep his position.



  • $1,900,000.00 recovery with highway construction and engineering contractors and state of Florida Department of Transportation in case arising from a motor vehicle accident on a flooded highway.
  • $200,000.00 recovery in an automobile accident case resulting in neck surgery where client had significant pre-existing injuries.
  • $315,000.00 recovery in a personal injury case where our client was pushed out of the back of a delivery truck while assisting the driver in unloading a roll of carpet.  Client suffered multiple orthopedic injuries requiring surgery.
  • $250,000.00 recovery against a highway construction company and state of Florida Department of Transportation in a case involving a motor vehicle which lost control after hitting water on a flooded highway.
  • $135,000.00 recovery in an automobile accident for client who suffered a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.
  • Policy limits recovery in wrongful death of motorcyclist by a hit and run driver.
  • $1,000,000.00 recovery for plaintiff suffering multiple orthopedic injuries and loss of an eye in an accident with a log truck that turned in front of her vehicle.
  • Multimillion dollar recovery for wrongful death of a worker killed in a collision with a truck at the Port of Jacksonville.
  • Seven figure recovery for death of college student killed in collision with a semi trailer on interstate highway during a construction project.  Claims brought against trucking company and highway construction contractors.
  • $200,000.00 recovery for truck driver injured in collision with another semi tractor trailer resulting in orthopedic injuries and surgery.
  • Six figure recovery for client injured in shooting at convenient store resulting from inadequate security.
  • Six figure recovery for client assaulted in night club parking lot resulting from inadequate security.
  • $500,000.00 recovery in accident with semi trailer resulting in orthopedic injuries.
  • $850,000.00 recovery for wrongful death of man assaulted at house party.  Claims brought against tenants and landlord.
  • $250,000.00 recovery for motorcyclist injured after losing control in highway construction zone.  Claims brought against highway construction contractors.
  • $350,000.00 recovery in case arising from denial of disability insurance benefits.
  • Seven figure recovery for family who lost their son in an accident on J. Turner Butler Boulevard.