“Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere.”

Nichols & Pina, LLLP, is a law partnership grounded in the belief that these words, once spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King, currently resonate throughout our law practice in downtown Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Attorneys - Nichols & PinaThe lawyers of Nichols & Pina, LLLP, bring over 90 years of combined legal experience in providing each client we serve with the opportunity to seek justice, for themselves and for their families.

The office of Nichols & Pina, LLLP, is positioned in the heart of the “new” legal community of Northeast Florida, directly across the street from the new County Courthouse on Adams Street.

We invite you to come to our offices and meet with us personally and we will be proud to demonstrate what we can do to seek justice in your life.

From personal injury to criminal defense, from substance abuse to family law, to business law and to any aspect of your life where justice can be sought, we are here to help our clients start new beginnings. Call us today to schedule your consulation at (904) 353-3300.

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Long before a 24-year-old man opened fire Sunday during a video game tournament at the Jacksonville Landing, killing two fellow gamers, wounding 10 and then killing himself, concerns were raised about overall security at the waterfront mall.

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Nichols Pina Jacksonville Attorneys

Nichols Pina Jacksonville Attorneys

Nichols Pina Jacksonville Attorneys