We have the experience and know how to represent your family members for all forms of offenses: burglary, robbery, theft, and white-collar crimes.

If you, or someone you care about, is under suspicion or has been charged with a crime, whether a felony or lesser offense, it is important that you seek advice from a quality Criminal Defense attorney- BEFORE you make ANY statements or respond to any questions from- police, investigators or the prosecutors.

At Nichols & Pina, Eugene B. Nichols always makes it a point to know more than the opposition knows: about the law, about the facts, about the evidence, and about YOUR RIGHTS. It's not your burden to prove you DIDN'T commit the offense, it is their burden to prove that your DID. Often, we can show that the State lacks the needed evidence to prove that, or that there were such errors made in the process that the case must be dropped altogether. Contact us for a confidential, free consultation about your situation.

Our Criminal Law Practice

Drug crimes — Drug crime convictions, no matter how small, can have a devastating impact on your life. We provide a knowledgeable challenge the government's case and the "standard methods" employed by law enforcement and prosecutors.

    • Drug trafficking and conspiracy
    • Drug possession and sale
    • Prescription drug fraud or possession

Violent crimes and weapons charges — State and federal authorities have made the prosecution of these type cases a priority. Minimum mandatory sentencing and enhanced prison terms apply to convictions in this arena. Eugene B. Nichols has developed effective strategies to counter such prosecutions. As a result, clients have experienced favorable results including suppression of evidence, dismissal and not guilty verdicts at trial.

Find Out Where You Stand

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